Spring Eavestrough Cleaning Services

When the snow eventually melts, sometime in April, Ottawa residents attention turns to property maintenance and making sure their front and backyards are ready for tons of BBQ’s and plenty of beers. One aspect of the spring cleaning service many people overlook is the need to keep your gutters and eavestrough clear of debris, organic material and leaves falling from nearby trees. A failure to do this can cause the excess weight from leaves and moisture to crack. Repairs can be expensive, so we highly recommend investing in prevention in the first place. As soon as you can, get an eavestrough Ottawa cleaning service out there to make sure your rain gutters are clear and not leaking or structurally weak. This should be done in the spring months, as well as the fall months when all the foliage starts falling.

What’s The Eavestrough Cleaning Process?

First things first, we’d highly recommend not doing this process yourself. Climbing up on a 30 foot ladder and balancing while you dig out the leaves and other organic debris is not something you want to give a try, and your insurance company likely will not be happy to cover you if you end up injuring yourself. A good eavestrough cleaning and repair company in Ottawa will have liability insurance, so if anything goes wrong, you’ll have no responsibility for anyone getting hurt.

The process should only take a maximum of 2 hours, and cost should be reasonable. On average, we hear from Ottawa property owners who pay about $200-300 and get all the gutters and eaves troughs cleaned professionally in an afternoon twice a year and the process is seamless and super quick.…