Clear Clutter with Junk Removal Services

Removing all the random junk in your basement or garage can be a great first step if you are selling your Ottawa home or even just cleaning up in the spring months. Doing it yourself though can be a daunting task and this is why the popularity of waste hauling has really expanded over the past decade or so. Not evryone has the means, time or willpower to haul an old fridge out of your basement or shed and getting a few strong guys to carefully take it away. If you are preparing your home to get it listed on the market, here is the process for a fast and easy junk removal process that gets it done so you can move on. From our experience does a great job and has a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

waste hauling ottawa

1. On Site Estimate

Most waste hauling companies will provide a simple on-site estimate before they even going. So whether t’s a massive mess due to water damage or just a big awkward applinace that needs to get removed, the price will vary and they should let you know beforehand what the cost for full disposal is. No surprise pricing, and you will know exactly what the cost is before you get started so you can add/subtract quantities from the job as necessary.

2. Safe & Comprehensive Service

Forget the awkward angles and getting enough extra hands to get the boxes out – when you hire an Ottawa junk removal company, you are getting a total, done-for-you package. Any goods that are removed can be recycled appropriately. Old appliances, boxes of paper, and even just trash are categorized correctly and placed where they need to be. This is handlded by your junk removal company and saves you tons of time. You can even get a small discount in certain cases if you have lots of junk metal which can be recycled.


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