Dangerous Home Mold Sources Exposed

Buying  a new home, renting, or even if you are a property manager with several units can be exciting but the due diligence is extremely important. So many local Ottawa people end up using a real estate agent or management company and leaving the research up to them, but knowing the risks and places dangerous mold can grow is a good place to start. You certainly don’t want to take part in the removal, testing or remediation process but becoming educated on the early warning signs as well as how to prevent these type of mold and water damage issues can be a great advantage and save you tons of time and money.

Common Spots To Look For Household Toxic Mold

The first thing you might not know is that without moisture, there can be no mold. Even worse is that just because you can’t visually detect the moisture doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This is where the services of a professional Ottawa mold remediation company come in handy. They usually work alongside home inspectors to make sure a property is safe and suitable for residence before anything gets closed on. Mold inspectors use air quality detecting equipment to detect traces of toxic mold in the following areas;

  • Basement crawlspaces
  • Ducts and ventilation systems
  • Condensation around window sills
  • Air conditioners
  • Behind wall panels

Some of these areas are not as obvious but they do require specialized experience and equipment to detect and remove fully. Our recommendation is to have the folks at the Mold Remediation Pro’s out of Ottawa fully inspect and remove any harmful mold traces. Leaving the problem alone will not allow a safe environment for your family and visitors. Excessive or even mild mold can lead to respiration issues as well as skin irritation and more medical problems.

How much does mold remediation cost? The cost can range from $500 for a spot inspection to upwards of $5,00 for a more full service. In either case we at YellowHouse see the cost as justified and in most cases. In the best case (i.e. most cases) your homeowners insurance can cover any mould left behind from catastrophic water damage.

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