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Milkweed: Maker Mini Session

MAKERSTracy BakerComment

I am so curious about how the work of other creatives comes to life, so it was a treat to shoot a mini session with Karen of Studio K Mosaics. I got a look behind the scenes of her mosaic making process. From cutting each individual piece to developing colour palettes from the cut glass, Karen’s pieces are the definition of handmade. Take a look at Milkweed, her monarch caterpillar inspired piece for the upcoming Makers North Square Foot Show.

When I sat down to design a foliage inspired piece, my thought was to capture the beauty of the common Milkweed while drawing attention to their importance in the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.
— Karen, Studio K Mosaics

I can visualize what I’d like to create but I never really know what the end result will be until I’ve washed the last bit of grout away. It’s a surprise each time.
— Karen, Studio K Mosaics


The glass inspires me. I hold a piece in my hand or up to the light and think “this texture needs to be tree bark” or “this colour is moonlight.
— Karen, Studio K Mosaics


A raven inspired piece framed and ready for some lovely folks. Thanks for sharing your work in progress with me Karen!

You can find more of her lovely work here.