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Hammocks Swings + Snuggly Things: SUDBURY FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

FAMILYTracy Baker

If you know me, you know I LOVE babies! They are just the sweetest little bundles of wonder, so it was quite a treat to capture this gorgeous new addition to the Demarco family! With 2 big bros and a big sister, this little babe is going to have a lot of fun growing up! Take a peek at our sunny morning hang out.


How sweet are newborns with hair? Such a snuggly little babe.

So snug!


Hammock + under doggy = coolest swing ever!

Thanks for having me Demarco fam!


FAMILYTracy Baker

This ultra cool little fam finished their summer long camper reno and completely hit it outta the park! It has the breeziest, beachy vibes and is filled with baby giggles and belly laughs! What better way to celebrate the end of summer and a lot of hard work than with a fun family session! I might have to hire them to decorate my house next.

Take a peek and enjoy some summery vibes because the best season is finally coming! Fall!


They pulled their newly renovated camper and their all their cute babes to the very top of Sudbury: Adanac Ski Hill!


Just have to note the awesome Keith Haring socks above. As a former Art History instructor this got some cool points!

Are we surprised that with a new babe they have a mug that says ‘SLEEPY’? Nope, didn’t think so!

Such a sweet person and the biggest smile to date!


Gorgeous ‘mama’ necklace on the right by Sudbury based Olive & Annie. I just love their work!


This has to be one of the most fun families to photograph. Full of style and so funny! It definitely doesn’t feel like a minute of work with these folks around. Thank you again for the absolutely lovely morning!