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Happiness is Handmade: Makers North Holiday Market Roundup

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Hello all you lovers of handmade! Tracy here. Maker of handmade things, hoster of handmade markets (hoster is a word right?) and lover of all things handmade. Can I say handmade a couple more times? Probably! It’s been nearly impossible because there are so many insanely talented folks taking part across the weekend, but here is my round up of the top 5 folks I’ll be (budget allowing) hitting up at the market:


Nature inspired handmade jewelery to bring out the witchy vibes I inherited from my mama. I mean come on, she even has crystals dans ma couleur préférée!

Inspiration flows in abundance from the natural world. Jewelry craft helps me maintain a strong relationship and appreciation with Mother Earth, and nurtures my own ideas of expressing femininity and beauty. I love incorporating antique, celestial, and soulful imagery into my work, along with natural elements and minerals
— Andrea Dibattista, Terra Luna Jewels
Aly Becker wearing a Terra Luna necklace shot by Bunny Photography. A trifecta of powerful women! Photo:  Bunny Photography

Aly Becker wearing a Terra Luna necklace shot by Bunny Photography. A trifecta of powerful women! Photo: Bunny Photography

I’ve loved watching how your craft has evolved over the years Andrea, can’t wait to love up your goodies in person this weekend!


I can’t even describe their work so take a look. Set your eyes to stunned.

The Wave   Photo:  Aurora Light Sculptures

The Wave
Photo: Aurora Light Sculptures

See what I mean now? These pieces are so surreal and natural. They give me Alien/Prometheus vibes mixed with a Northern Ontario flair. These are words I never thought I would put together in a sentence. So mind blown!

I love unique things and need that to come across in my art so not just any piece of driftwood or root system will do. Scouring shorelines, while fishing and being surrounded by nature, is so exciting for me because I know that my favorite creative outlet has begun another journey.
— Kim Land, Founder

Founder Kim Land is coming to Sudbury all the way from Northwestern Quebec and I'm so looking forward to meeting her. We’ve only spoken via email or on Instagram so far and I get nothing but good vibes!


I know, I know, I work with them from time to time so I must be totally biased…but nope! Working with Mercedes and Dave from Wolf & Pine has given me a peek into their behind the scenes and revealed two authentic, hard working people kicking ass at something they love. Respect yo!

Mercedes from Wolf & Pine. I’ve yet to photograph Dave, the ever elusive one. Photo: myself, bitches! (Trying to channel Wolf & Pine…failing)

Mercedes from Wolf & Pine. I’ve yet to photograph Dave, the ever elusive one.
Photo: myself, bitches! (Trying to channel Wolf & Pine…failing)

We create products that are natural, plant-based and nourishing for the mainstream. We believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re a little damaged, so our products reflect our weird sense of humour.
— Mercedes + Dave, Wolf & Pine
Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 12.23.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 12.22.12 AM.png
Completely obsessed with their bright backyard studio!

Completely obsessed with their bright backyard studio!

This was easily one of the most fun photo sessions I’ve done to date. These people know their brand and coming from a graphic design background myself, it just impresses the heck out of me that they design everything themselves!

This will be on my tombstone. Photo:  Wolf & Pine

This will be on my tombstone.
Photo: Wolf & Pine

And of course, their vibe is sassy af, which if you know me, is right up my alley. I live for their photo captions, so hilarious and original. Mercedes, you better have a crate of dry shampoo at the market cause this sloppy head can’t live without it.


There’s nothing I love more than an emerging handmade artisan who so clearly loves what they do and is just starting to put it out there. This will be Twig & Toadstool’s first Makers North market and I’m sure they are going to be smothered in Northern Ontario handmade support!

So delicate and sweet!  Photo:  Twig & Toadstool

So delicate and sweet!
Photo: Twig & Toadstool

I’ve got my eye on these babies!  Photo:  Twig & Toadstool

I’ve got my eye on these babies!
Photo: Twig & Toadstool

Her dreamy Insta aesthetic fulfills my love of both plants and handmade! I first saw her work when I bought a little mushroom necklace for a fungi obsessed friend for Christmas…it was so cute I almost kept it! Gift giving is hard when things are this cute!


For obvious reasons, I’m super looking forward to all of the lovely food makers that will be at the market. Nothing works up an appetite more than sleep deprivation and telling the same story about an item over and over again! From fresh handmade bagels to sugary sweets & vegan treats, everything you could ask for will be there. Here’s a roundup within a roundup!


While you will likely be wearing quite a few more layers, you’ll still be able to relive those summery festival days stuffing down tasty vegan noms. Do you think they would serve me a dish of crema straight up, cause that’d be grrrrreat.


No need for an explanation here. Cafe Petit Gateau makes the tastiest carrot muffins that I was obsessed with prior to my thyroid issues (no gluten allowed waaah!). But that won’t stop me from eating the icing and stuffing 100 meringue cookies into my face this weekend. 


This makes me want to change my tagline to “Lover of Carbs | Maker of Things” Photo:  Salty Dog Bagels

This makes me want to change my tagline to “Lover of Carbs | Maker of Things”
Photo: Salty Dog Bagels

Like I said, I’m not on the gluten train anymore (thanks thyroid), but I just want to say that when my day comes, I want to be laid to rest on a bed of handcrafted bagels.


Be still my heart. Photo:  Spark Bakery

Be still my heart.
Photo: Spark Bakery

The stuff dreams are made of. Photo:  Spark Bakery

The stuff dreams are made of.
Photo: Spark Bakery

Plant based, whole foods, healthy…tasty? Who knew!


Photo:  Cedar Nest

Photo: Cedar Nest

Photo:  Cedar Nest

Photo: Cedar Nest

As a completely dependant coffee addict, I am most excited they’ll be there serving up my fave hot brew (hopefully by the bucket load)!


It’s called Ultimately Chocolate…what else can I possibly add?!

I’ll also be there all weekend dishing out my classic knee slappers and shoving my work in people’s faces, so be sure to stop by and say hello! Admission is $3/one day and $5 for the full weekend. There will be different makers each day, so come all weekend! You don’t want to miss the festive extravaganza that’s coming at ya!

Don’t forget, every holiday season when you buy from a small handmade or local business, you’re adding to the culture and community of Northern Ontario. Be a part of the dream and support a small biz this Christmas! We all love you for it. See you at the market!


Inktober 2018: Part 2

ILLUSTRATIONTracy BakerComment

Inktober 2018 round up part two (aka the finale because I quit at 10, ha!). Check out my first post to find out what Inktober is and to see my first 6. Onwards to 7!



This prompt from Kelly Brown’s list immediately brought the ever tortured Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter world to mind. In the books, he was such a rich character that kind of got lost in the films, no hate on the films though! There was a lot of world to get in there and I think they do the books justice. Especially in the case of Umbridge, they managed to make her as despicable as she was in the books! I digress.



Remus had this beautiful love story with Nymphadora Tonks (Tonks for short) that ended up being for me, one of the saddest tragedies of the series. They finally found love and it ended so abruptly leaving a sweet lil one behind. What is this Game of Thrones?! Sigh. This one is dedicated to their happy times, to finally letting goof old hurts and jumping in head first. <3 Brb sobbing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.07.57 PM.png

One of my faves of my Harry Potter series. I just love this pair. I put some of the tips I got from Dani Ellis during a speaker session in my Illustration class to work. She’s amazing, check out her work!


Allons’y! I’m gonna try not to fan girl too hard on this one, because I mean…OH MANNN DAVID TENNANT AHHH!!! I mean…yeah, David Tennant as the 10th doctor. Fave alien. Fave doctor. Fave. I do eventually have a fondness for the other doctors after I’ve gotten used to them, but his run was incredible. Some of the best episodes and so much passion for the role. My fave Tennant episode has to be Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead most likely because of the dynamic between River Song and the doctor. Spoilers!

I had to include Donna in this one. She was one of my favourite companions but she got a raw deal in the end. You’ll have to watch for yourself! I do love Rose and also Rory…but Donna was the best. She called him on his sh*t and was so so funny! Her character reminds me of my hilarious big sister though, so maybe I’m biased. How long are captions supposed to be?

I had to include Donna in this one. She was one of my favourite companions but she got a raw deal in the end. You’ll have to watch for yourself! I do love Rose and also Rory…but Donna was the best. She called him on his sh*t and was so so funny! Her character reminds me of my hilarious big sister though, so maybe I’m biased. How long are captions supposed to be?

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.03.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.04.06 PM.png

All painted up! I ended up making a Tardis only version as well for the non-10th doctor lovers (do they even exist?!) Psst: prints will be available at the Makers North holiday market, and soon in my online shop! 💙



Any one who knows me should be aware that Neil Gaiman is my FAVE author, right up there with David Sedaris, Clive Barker, Neal Stephenson...ok, too many to list but Gaiman is at the top! All of that is just to say that this is inspired by his novel, Stardust. This is Yvaine, a fallen star and carrier of the Power of Stormhold, a topaz that was hurled into the sky and is the reason she took her tumble. There is so much to the story that I suggest you all rush out and read this book, or at least watch the film (DeNiro, Pfieffer, Claire Danes, Charlie Cox…and on and on.)


I’ve started painting this one but have admittedly hit a road block! It’s missing something, I think in the colours, and I can’t quite get it right just yet. So here it is, a work in progress. Any constructive criticism?

Prompt from Debbie Bahrt’s list. Love her sweet style.

Day 10: Kindred Spirit

This is my last Inktober piece of 2018 and it’s near and dear to my heart: Anne of Green Gables. I remember first reading this when I was a young girl and I could relate so closely to how she escaped real life in her imagination because I did the same. It’s what first led me to my love of reading and I still to this day love to cozy up with a new book, especially a huge one with tons of details.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.10.13 PM.png

For this piece I wanted to show the first moment she sees Green Gables and finally feels like she has a home. Anne of Green Gables reminds me of my little sister whom my parents adopted officially last year. She’s been with us since she was just a tiny little 3 year old. She hardly spoke and threw wicked tantrums but my mom + step dad helped her along and now she’s a rambunctious 8 year old who can still pitch a spectacular fit but is also a total sweet heart. Love that kid.

That about covers it for my Inktober 2018 pieces, I’ll be updating more as I complete colouring each piece, so stay tuned. Really looking forward to digging in over the Christmas break!

Next year I’ll again start the challenge filled with hope + optimism…only to quit as soon as I pass my current record of 10. Maybe, just maybe, 2019 is the year to get it done! Until next year Inktober!


Inktober 2018: Part 1

ILLUSTRATIONTracy BakerComment

For the past few years, I’ve tried picking away at the annual Inktober challenge. What is Inktober?

Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing and posts it online. (

My current record was 7 and this year I made it all the way to 11, where I promptly quit to begin painting them all! While I haven’t quite finished painting them I wanted to share my progress and a bit more about each piece. Here we go!



I couldn’t decide on a single prompts like so I picked and chose from a couple different ones. Day one’s prompt ‘Nymph’ came from Camille Reck’s list. I decided to go with a leafy wood nymph because I was working on the poster for the Square Foot Show at the time and the theme was ‘foliage,’ it really stuck in my head!



I was inspired by the podcast Myths & Legends for this one. She is a truly misunderstood Greek mythical figure and to be honest, if I went through everything she did, I would probably turn jerks trying to kill me into stone too. I think I might have to delve into a few more bits of Greek mythology after having so much fun with this one!

Prompt from Camille Reck.



I was a bit liberal with the idea of ghost for day three. I used it to tell the story of my imaginary friend when I was a kid. This was one of my mom’s favourite stories to tell and it sounds kinda dicey but in all honesty it’s one of mine too. To keep it short, I had an ‘angel in my pocket,’ no doubt inspired by the super 80s song about exactly that. She was my best pal but one day when I was being a total brat (admittedly I could be one!), my mom spanked me (cool your jets judgers!) and SQUISHED MY ANGEL! Kids have the most adorable ideas. I hope I don’t squish my sons angel! Sounds so awful.

This prompt is from @elyrain’s prompt list.

BONUS: tiny Tracy  rocking  the mush cut!

BONUS: tiny Tracy rocking the mush cut!



No explanation needed but I will anyway. I first saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the height of my Keanu Reeve’s obsession. While I still have a soft spot for that bus rescuing, phone booth time travelling Hollywood nice guy…I can now appreciate the glory that is Gary Oldman in this film as well.

Another prompt from Camille Reck.

Sweet baby angel.

Sweet baby angel.


I mean, COME ON!

I mean, COME ON!


Maleficent, what can you say about a witch icon? As a kid I always thought she was this terrifying evil creature, but I started to see things a bit differently as I got older. Firstly, Maleficent, fashion on point. Secondly, who doesn’t invite people to parties? Jerks, that’s who. I’d be pissed too…maybe not ‘curse a baby’ pissed, but at least ‘turn into a fierce af dragon and wreak some havoc’ pissed. That said, I tried to draw her as a dragon in the background. HA! best get to practicing ‘cause it was a hot mess.

Prompt from Kelsey Buzzell’s awesome witch inspired list.



I am extra attached to this one because I sketched it really quickly in a quiet moment during my little sister’s labour. I even used a nurses pencil and some random paper she found! Can I just say, if you ever need someone to help push out a baby, I’m that girl! That was ah-mazing to experience (thanks Jessy)! Anyways, my idea here was my son Wolfe howling a welcome to the new baby Luna. So in love with this babe already! Take a peek at the full colour version below.

Prompt from Nikki aka @namcodraws on Instagram. I LOVE this person’s style and use of colour. Portrait me please!

Wolfe + Luna

Wolfe + Luna

Stay tuned for the final 5 Inktober illustrations in my next post. Next year, I’ll have to beat my current record of 11 and maybe I’ll even make my own prompt list!


Milkweed: Maker Mini Session

MAKERSTracy BakerComment

I am so curious about how the work of other creatives comes to life, so it was a treat to shoot a mini session with Karen of Studio K Mosaics. I got a look behind the scenes of her mosaic making process. From cutting each individual piece to developing colour palettes from the cut glass, Karen’s pieces are the definition of handmade. Take a look at Milkweed, her monarch caterpillar inspired piece for the upcoming Makers North Square Foot Show.

When I sat down to design a foliage inspired piece, my thought was to capture the beauty of the common Milkweed while drawing attention to their importance in the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.
— Karen, Studio K Mosaics

I can visualize what I’d like to create but I never really know what the end result will be until I’ve washed the last bit of grout away. It’s a surprise each time.
— Karen, Studio K Mosaics


The glass inspires me. I hold a piece in my hand or up to the light and think “this texture needs to be tree bark” or “this colour is moonlight.
— Karen, Studio K Mosaics


A raven inspired piece framed and ready for some lovely folks. Thanks for sharing your work in progress with me Karen!

You can find more of her lovely work here.


Hammocks Swings + Snuggly Things: SUDBURY FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

FAMILYTracy Baker

If you know me, you know I LOVE babies! They are just the sweetest little bundles of wonder, so it was quite a treat to capture this gorgeous new addition to the Demarco family! With 2 big bros and a big sister, this little babe is going to have a lot of fun growing up! Take a peek at our sunny morning hang out.


How sweet are newborns with hair? Such a snuggly little babe.

So snug!


Hammock + under doggy = coolest swing ever!

Thanks for having me Demarco fam!


FAMILYTracy Baker

This ultra cool little fam finished their summer long camper reno and completely hit it outta the park! It has the breeziest, beachy vibes and is filled with baby giggles and belly laughs! What better way to celebrate the end of summer and a lot of hard work than with a fun family session! I might have to hire them to decorate my house next.

Take a peek and enjoy some summery vibes because the best season is finally coming! Fall!


They pulled their newly renovated camper and their all their cute babes to the very top of Sudbury: Adanac Ski Hill!


Just have to note the awesome Keith Haring socks above. As a former Art History instructor this got some cool points!

Are we surprised that with a new babe they have a mug that says ‘SLEEPY’? Nope, didn’t think so!

Such a sweet person and the biggest smile to date!


Gorgeous ‘mama’ necklace on the right by Sudbury based Olive & Annie. I just love their work!


This has to be one of the most fun families to photograph. Full of style and so funny! It definitely doesn’t feel like a minute of work with these folks around. Thank you again for the absolutely lovely morning!

Hello Yellow!

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